Specialising in Applied Human Rights and Ethical Governance

Human Rights Resources

Services and Expertise...


KKConsulting offers the following tailor-made, Human Rights and Equality Specific Services:

  • Tailored seminars, practical workshops and master-classes. 
  • Bespoke Human rights and equality training modules.
  • Individual coaching on translating human rights principles to business strategies and practice.
  • Developing frameworks for implementing Human Rights and equality in practice.
  • Evidence-based Research for developing Human Rights and equality policies.
  • Strategies for translating evidence to policy and good practice

Specialist Academic Areas covered by KKC:

  • Equality and Diversity Minority group studies.
  • Sociology of Race Migration Studies.
  • Criminology-Criminal and Social Justice.
  • Human Rights in Practice

KKConsulting offers the following Social Research Services:

  • Executing Large National and International Qualitative Research.
  • Designing policy orientated research for Government agencies, public, voluntary sector and community groups.
  • Executing process, programme and outcome evaluations.
  • Scoping studiesLiterature Reviews Designing Research Methodologies.
  • Data Analysis and Report Preparation Facilitating Focus Groups.
  • Commissioned Qualitative Research projects Assistance in dissemination: running dissemination seminars.
  • Using Research Data to devise policies, strategies and implementation plans.