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African Human Rights - Stanford University ResourceAkiba Uhaki Foundation
Arab Human Rights FundArticle 19 - Resource Centre
Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information CenterAsian Centre for Human Rights
Association for the Prevention of Torture APTAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations
Bar Human Rights CommitteeBuraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute - Japan
Business and Human Rights Resource CentreCentre for Civil and Political Rights -CCPR
Centre on Human Rights in Conflict - University of East LondonCivil Rights Defenders
Council of Europe Human Rights Education Youth ResourcesDanish Institute for Human Rights
Durham University Human Rights CentreEarthRights International
Environmental Justice FoundationEquality Network
Equally OursEuropean Center for Constitutional and Human Rights
European Roma Rights CentreFighting Hunger with Human Rights - FIAN
Forest Peoples ProgrammeFoundation for Sustainable Development
Freedom Rights ProjectGlobal Human Rights Defence
Governance and Social Development Resource CentreGulf Center for Human Rights
Harvard Human Rights JournalHarvard Humanitarian Initiative
Horn of Africa Development Initiative HODIHuman Rights Based Approach to Development
Human Rights Education AssociatesHuman Rights Foundation
Human Rights Futures Project - London School of Economics & Political ScienceHuman Rights Impact Resource Centre
Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, InternationalHuman Rights Internet
Independent Academic Research Studies IARSInstitute for Human Rights and Business
Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa IHRDAInstitute for International Law and Human Rights
Inter-American Institute of Human RightsINTERIGHTS - The International Centre for the Protection of Human Rights
International Bar Association's Human Rights InstituteInternational Center for Transitional Justice ICTJ
International Centre on Human Rights and Drugs PolicyInternational Federation of Health and Human Rights Organisations
International Human Rights CommissionInternational Human Rights Funders Group
International Justice Resource CenterJohn Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights
Joseph Rowntree FoundationLegislationOnLine
Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International LawMontreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies
openDemocracyOSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
RFK Center for Justice and Human RightsSolicitors International Human Rights Group
South African History ArchiveSpeakers Corner Trust
The Child Labor CoalitionThe Global Initiative
The Pachamama AllianceTolerance and Non-Discrimination Information System - TANDIS
United for Human RightsUnited Nations - Let's Fight Racism
United Nations Population Fund UNFPAUniversal Human Rights Index of United Nations Documents
WHRIN The Witchcraft and Human Rights Information NetworkWitness - Video Evidence of Human Rights Violations